Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

What is SD-WAN?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a revolutionary way to approach the simplification of branch office networking and assure optimal application performance by using centrally controlled and managed WAN virtualization.

Unlike traditional WANs, SD-WAN delivers increased network agility and cost reduction. Software-Defined WAN has its roots in Software-Defined Networking (SDN), the underlying principle of which is to abstract the network hardware and transport characteristics from the applications that use the network.

SD-WAN is WAN Virtualization

In the same way server virtualization abstracts the underlying physical hardware from the logical virtual servers that run on it, WAN virtualization is where a logical WAN connection (to either the Internet or between branch offices) can use multiple underlying connectivity technologies (like xDSL, MPLS, cellular and fiber) at the same time but presents this connectivity to users and applications as a single direct to Internet or secure site to site connection.

Aggregate Your Connections With SpeedFusion

Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion technology powers enterprise VPNs that tap into the bandwidth of up to 13 low-cost cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN. Whether you’re transferring a few documents or driving real-time POS data, video feeds, and VoIP conversations, SpeedFusion pumps all your data down a single bonded data-pipe that’s budget-friendly, ultra-fast, and easily configurable to suit any networking environment.

Your private link and other connections are joined together into a single logical VPN connection.

When sending a session through the SpeedFusion VPN tunnel, Peplink routers will disassemble the session into encrypted packets. The packets are then sent through the available WAN links where they travel to the destination separately. The Peplink router at the destination will then decrypt and reassemble the packets back into a session.

This technology is transport-agnostic, so you can achieve WAN virtualization by supplementing your connectivity with xDSL, cable, fiber, and LTE. This solution can be used as an MPLS supplement. Simply connect all your links into the WAN ports, and they will come together to form a single SD-WAN connection that is fast, reliable, secure, and up to 85% more affordable.

SD-WAN is Centrally Managed and Monitored

Branch offices can be provisioned, monitored and managed centrally using a SD-WAN controller that gives network administrators full control over their wide area networks and remote devices using a single interface.

Complex VPN configurations connecting thousands of branch offices together securely (using whatever connectivity is available at each location) can be created and deployed automatically, with centralized WAN monitoring and notifications providing a real time view of WAN health and globally branch office availability.

Load Balancing Methods for Every Application

Peplink’s load balancing algorithms can help you easily fine-tune how traffic is distributed across connections, giving you SD-WAN-like flexibility and resilience without having to form a VPN. Each deployment has a unique setup, and Peplink’s enterprise grade load balancing software can fulfill all of your special requirements. Define your own rule with the following algorithms and you can sit back and enjoy the high performance routing that Peplink brings to you.

  1. Weighted Balance

  2. Priority

  3. Overflow

  4. Persistence

  5. Least Used

  6. Lowest Latency

  7. Enforced

  8. Fastest Response Time

Unbreakable Cellular Bonding

We understand the importance of staying connected wherever you are. Whether you’re zooming around town or stationed in the middle of nowhere, roaming from network to network should not equate to downtime and more downtime.

Which is why we believe in equipping our customers with best-in-class cellular routers to battle spotty coverage. Comprehensive 3G/4G LTE USB modem support. Embedded SIM slots. Wi-Fi-powered WANs.


Wherever you go, whatever you do, our MAX Cellular Routers have you covered.

With MAX cellular routers, you can stream video and quickly transfer large files in remote areas with poor connectivity. SpeedFusion technology makes this possible by bonding the bandwidth of multiple cellular services. In addition to 3G/4G LTE connections, you can also add VSAT and land lines into your SpeedFusion tunnel.