Cyber attackers are getting smarter. And hence, setting up firm policies is becoming more challenging than before. We can back your network with a cybersecurity service that meets your requirements. MHE can also improve your security standpoints and train your IT team on managing them. To keep the integrity of your network is what MHE aims with its service too.

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Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) 

MHE develops intelligent firewalls that can protect your data from the ever-growing cyber threats. Utilizing the latest NGFW technologies, MHE introduces an interactive platform that provides automated breach prevention in real-time. This scalable security platform leverages the power of cloud intelligence to meet all business needs. Whatever the size of your workload is, MHE empowers you with a full management system for your security polices through a unified dashboard, ensuring consistency and resilience.


Secure SD-WAN

SD-WAN has become a topic of interest around the globe. Its adoption has been increasing rapidly but still pricey. At a fraction of cost and time, MHE offers a zero-touch deployment technology to realize a high performance WAN connectivity for your business. Powered by a centralized management system, you get your branches up and running spontaneously – but also covered with an enterprise-level security technology.

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Email Protection

Every 39 seconds, a hacker attack occurs on average of 2244 times a day, studies revealed. That’s why email protection is getting more challenging as well as crucial, than before. MHE provides the Next-generation Layered defense that protects all aspects of your email infrastructure. From user security awareness, to gateway defense technology and fraud protection procedures, MHE’s solutions have it all.


Hybrid Cloud Security 

Take your security intelligence to a whole new level with MHE. MHE provides solutions that can meet your cloud security needs today, and in the future. Throughout your cloud journey, MHE’s solutions will back you up with the broadest and deepest capabilities to protect your data. These automated, flexible, and reliable security solutions ensure hassle-free operations, including the cloud migration projects. This all-in-one security service can also take over your cloud native application delivery and meet your cloud center of excellence driven objectives.


Application Security

Application security is getting more and more complicated than before. But MHE has made it easier and simpler with its integrated platform. This full-equipped platform serves businesses with all-inclusive solutions that ensure interoperable application protection. The Web Application Firewall (WAF) functionality integrated with full capabilities are there to protect your applications from today’s growing threats. Whether you deployed your applications in-house, in the cloud, or in a hybrid scenario, MHE has got you covered all the way.


Endpoint Protection

Antivirus or antispyware solutions are not enough today to defeat cyberattacks. MHE presents enterprise-level, comprehensive, and reliable next-generation endpoint protection solutions. We promise you a smart service that supports visibility into encrypted traffic and includes data loss prevention and network access control functionalities for proactive protection. MHE defines and secures your servers and other fixed endpoints, in tandem with the mobile endpoints of your network, such as laptops and smartphones. MHE’s solutions prevent any unauthorized access that doesn’t meet your security standards.


Physical Security

In a world where everything becomes possible, safety comes first. MHE serves protection for your business properties and people with its physical security solutions. We can design reliable systems that work from within your LAN infrastructure. Connected with your IP cameras, you can access live and recorded footage to monitor all moves at your workplace.