MHE provides innovative, scalable, and reliable data center solutions. Its end-to-end technology solutions offer automation and efficiency to your data center infrastructure, in order to enhance customer experience, thereby giving your business a competitive edge. With less money and fewer resources, MHE’s data center service covers big data from the edge to the core to the cloud.



Get reliable hosting solutions for your business data with MHE servers. We supply robust servers that meet the industry-standard architectures and comply with your business workload. MHE can also maintain your servers and provide rooms for improvement to your IT operations. End-to-end security, risk-free data center management, and high performance are guaranteed. MHE servers can core your data storage on a sustainable infrastructure, which your IT team can easily configure and update in the future. 


Data Storage

Leverage MHE’s data storage solutions now and don’t wait for your need for storage rises. MHE provides top quality data storage as a service for enterprises and small businesses. For instance, end-to-end Non-volatile Memory Express (NVME), the latest standards are offered by MHE for higher bandwidth and lower latency storage. 



If you don’t have room for more severs, then it’s time to harness the power of virtualization. Your systems can now run better with fewer resources rather than acquiring multiple servers and paying more operational costs. MHE implements smart virtual machines for servers, networks, and desktops - that simulate hardware functionalities while boosting agility, efficiency, and scalability. MHE’s virtualization technology suits all size businesses and is easy to manage. Empower your business now with this boon. It will reduce your downtime and ensures business continuity and reliable disaster recovery.


Software-Defined Data Center

Level up the virtualization of your infrastructure with a software-defined data center (SDDC) service of MHE. Based on advanced proficiency, MHE will enable your IT Team to configure hardware infrastructure through smart software systems. MHE introduces in this solution an intelligent business logic layer, which guarantees the consolidation as well as the dynamism of your virtual infrastructure. That’s in addition to automated scalability that your IT team will love and leverage to meet your business demands in the future.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Take advantage of MHE’s robust Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) technology for a complete SDDC – and bring future-proof scalability, total security, and flexibility. It enables easy management of all resources via a single platform based on your SDDC’s hypervisor. And because MHE’s virtualization service has it all, its HCI solutions will easily cobble your servers, networks, and data storage. So you can scale up your IT operations seamlessly, without sacrificing security.


Data Protection and Availability

MHE sets a holistic approach that addresses your cloud data lifecycle and service level agreements to implement data protection techniques. This approach comprises backup operations along with savvy replication strategies to eliminate data loss risks – all done according to the criticality of the client’s data.


Business Continuity 

You can forget about downtime if you have a multidisciplinary business continuity plan, covering all your data. That’s what MHE does to save hundreds of web-based business services. MHE makes it easier for IT departments by empowering them with robust strategies of business continuity that include cloud-based disaster recovery and smart security plans a myriad of business models.