Protect your Organization from Zero-day Threats

SonicWALL Advanced Threat Protection

SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection service is a cloud-based multi-engine sandbox designed to discover and stop unknown, zero-day attacks such as ransomware at the gateway with automated remediation.

  • Multi-engine cloud sandbox that includes virtualization, hypervisor level analysis and full-system emulation

  • Broad file type analysis

  • Block until verdict

  • High security effectiveness at diagnosing new threats

  • comprehensive visibility into malicious activity, while resisting evasion tactics and maximizing zero-day threat detection

  • Automated breach prevention enabled by blocking files until a security verdict is determined

  • Near real-time signature deployment protects organizations from follow-on attacks

  • Email and app notifications with robust reporting from the sandbox environment

Encrypted Threat Protection

Gain Visibility into Encrypted Traffic to Stop Hidden Threats. A full-stack streaming inspection technology that scans a broad array of encryption protocols. These protocols include HTTPS, SMTPS, NNTPS, LDAPS, FTPS, Telnets, IMAPS, IRCS, and POPS.


Why You Can Not Afford to Ignore SSL Inspection ??

Encrypted traffic accounts for nearly two-thirds of organizations' web connections today.
Encryption protocols such as TLS, SSL and SSH are now being used to hide cyber-attacks. Skillful criminals can successfully exploit vulnerabilities, push malware downloads, conduct command and control communications and steal data inside encrypted traffic while avoiding detection.

SSL inspection enables organizations to gain visibility into encrypted traffic to stop hidden threats. It provides as well granular application control and data leakage prevention.

Without SSL inspection organizations are missing a lot of the value their security systems provide.