A robust Local Area Network (LAN) is not an option for your company. It’s the core from which internal and external connections should run smoothly to ensure business stability. MHE’s LAN service will help your team members better connect, perform, and hence boost revenues. That’s rather than getting them distracted by drastic technical issues, which your IT team suffers to solve.

MHE can build and maintain your company’s LAN with advanced proficiency. The LAN that meets business needs, we can model it for you, delivering speedy, seamless, and secure connections within your network.



Structured Cabling System

Whether a large or small sized your company is, MHE guarantees you a neat, well-structured cabling system, which suits your business data flow, but also scalable.


MHE can lay out your LAN with a future-proof certified structured cabling system in accordance with international industry standards. We put the quality of each component into account.

Wired & Wireless LAN Infrastructure

Wired and wireless LAN infrastructure (WLAN) promotes stable connections within your workspace.


Traditional networks are difficult to segment, complex to manage and can’t keep up with the modern campus network requirements. MHE shifts your IT time to business focus by enabling a new era of future-ready networks with flexibility, operational simplicity and optimized cost.


Resilient with high-performance, MHE provides secure, always-on wired LAN solutions that link computers, servers, routers, and peripheral devices—together accessing the Internet smoothly and efficiently.


And for further flexibility for your workers, MHE delivers WLAN solutions to connect all devices, including laptops, smartphones, printers, etc. via specific ranges of wireless signals. Moreover, MHE offers an end-to-end quality of service provided with its agile WLAN service to ensure mobility and data security.


IP Surveillance LAN infrastructure

MHE harnesses the Power over Ethernet (PoE) for developing intelligent video IP surveillance systems. It is an easy and smooth experience that MHE provides with its smart and powerful GUI. Now with this GUI,you are one click away to access all the ONVIF devices via network applications. You can also upload floor images into switch, deploy location of surveillance devices, and get real-time surveillance information. That enables you full access control over the integrated IP cameras, besides giving energy saving possibilities, and monitoring usage.


Passive Optical Network/FTTX

MHE helps realize the last mile connectivity within your network. We provide efficient and cost-effective Passive Optical Networks (PONs) that comprise Fiber to the X (FTTX) applications, saving time and effort. Besides, PON built by MHE has a simple architecture design, easy for your IT crew to understand and manage.