Smart School Management System

An Efficient Way to Work

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MHE Smart School Management System is developed to allow schools to manage information regarding students. Parents, teachers, administrators, and office personnel can use this platform to communicate and perform tasks. This enables all authorized users to search information regarding students and school records.

MHE Smart School Management System assists the school in keeping all information related to the different departments of school in one place. The system provides users with a log in credentials for accessing the files. The system is designed to automatically organize information as its input into the system.

Moreover, it retrieves information instantly. This system is preferred amongst schools as it provides them with an error-free system and does not require updating. The system is beneficial for schools who strive to maintain an effective flow of communication. MHE Smart School Management System will assist schools to function more productively and provide them with a range of organizational advantages which will help them streamline their daily tasks in an efficient manner.

MHE Smart School Management System simplifies various processes of schools and/or colleges while conveniently and smartly bringing administrators, teachers, students, and parents together. It helps schools reduce their financial costs by becoming paperless.

Smart School Management System Modules
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MHE Smart School Management System consists of four portals integrated together, making the software unique. Those four portals serve to cover the needs of all parties involved in any educational organization. The four portals are as follows:

  • School Management 

  • Teachers

  • Parents

  • Students


Madrasty is a cloud-based (private or public) application for effective and efficient administration and management of schools and colleges.

School Management Portal

Virtual Admission

School business usually starts with Registration and filling out the appropriate application form. As the whole world is steering towards online functions, SMSS has what we call “The Virtual Admission”. Through the virtual admission a parent can apply to register the child/children and upload all the required documents. The school will check the documentation and verify them.  If selected for the initial interview, the school will arrange an online meeting with the child/children and his/her parents. Upon completion of the interview the school will announce who is accepted, who will be applied to the waiting list as well as those who have not been accepted. The parents can request online meetings or phone calls beside the e-mail facility. Upon the acceptance of the child, the admission process will start and online payment for registration can be arranged. The child will be enrolled at the suitable stage in accordance to his/her age. Once everything is completed, the child becomes part of the school and the below information will apply to him/her.

MHE Smart School Management System includes a variety of features which will enhance the overall administration of schools. Now, let us have a look on the characteristics of those features and Modules.

Schools and Academic Year

MHE Smart School Management System is best suited for management of a school or group of schools through one single platform.

By using the system, schools will be able to define:

  • Basic data: Name, Address, Principles, Bank Account, Telephone, Email, etc

  • Academic year data like: Start date, End date.

  • Academic year terms/semesters.

  • Education stages like: Early Years Stage, Primary, Middle and High.

  • Grades for every stage.

  • Subjects for each grade.

  • Classes.


Teachers Management

MHE Smart School Management System facilitates managing all activities related to the teachers including:

  • Teachers’ bio data.

  • Teachers’ categories.

  • Teachers’ departments.

  • Teachers’ grades.

  • Teachers’ positions.

  • Teachers’ attendance.


Students Management

Student module of MHE Smart School Management System contains:

  • Admission process which automates the various steps involved in admission of students and their guardian including registration, academic year, admission grade, and class.

  • The student email provided by the school will be the username that students use to log on to the Student Portal. Parents will also be provided with a username to log on to the Parent Portal.

  • If the student has passed the current year, the system will automatically move them up to the next level.

  • The system has a feature whereby it can import students’ data as bulk from the current system being used by the school

  • Students’ personal documentation is stored and managed from one place.


Timetable Definition

MHE Smart School Management System timetable module has assisted schools and colleges, of various sizes, to schedule and manage timetables

  • Administrator can efficiently pre-set the timetable for all classes for any term before the academic year begins

  • Administrator can create different class timing sets for different types of periods

  • Subject allocation to the teacher can be done as a setting to be able to assign the same teachers in the timetable

  • Teachers can check their timetable from their portal.

  • Students can check the complete timetable for the week.

  • Timetable report can be generated.


Examination Management

MHE Smart School Management System examination module is flexible it allows the user to set up and manage various types of grading systems for all subjects. For each examination you can

  • Define examination duration, total score, and passing score.

  • Easy and quick evaluation and publishing of exam reports with instant alerts and notifications to parents’ portal.

  • Generate class score cards for specific grades, class and exam type during a certain time duration.


Payments and Collection (Fees)

  • Fees setup can be done for several types of payment.

  • Collect students’ fees with complete details of previous fee record

  • Fixed/Instant discounts can be provided along with fee collections.

  • Fee refunds/reverts can only be made by authorized employees based on the requirement. 

  • Many types of reports of fee collections. 

  • Invoices and receipts can be generated

  • Collected payments reports can be generated

  • Bank Voucher is generated from the system and can be e-mailed to the parents.


Fleet Management

MHE Smart School Management System fleet management module provides a complete solution for transportation process. You can get details on:

  • Vehicles types and details like chassis number, Engine number, license number, license expiration date number of seats, and max capacity.

  • Drivers’ personal details such as names, addresses, national ID, phone, drivers’ license numbers, and drivers’ license expiry dates.

  • Routes such as the route name, number of stops, and route fare.

  • Route stops including route name, stop name, morning pickup, and afternoon drop-offs.

  • Assign students to a route on the availability of seats.

  • Manage transport fees and student detail with routes.

  • Reports are available for analysis regarding transportation fees, routes, and vehicles.


Events and Activities

  • Upcoming events can be scheduled through the Events module such as parents’ meeting, excursions/incursions, fun-day, vacation, examinations, due dates for fees.

  • All events automatically appear in students’ portal, parents’ portal, and teachers’ portal.

Student Portal

Student portal enables accessibility and communication across web and mobile devices between students, school management and teachers.

Student portal helps in achieve the communication between student, school and teachers by efficient relationship management tool to bring high quality learning experience.

Through this portal student can perform and monitoring the following: 

  • Student schedule

  • Student Absence

  • Student Exams

  • Exam Sores

  • School Calendar

  • Online Courses

  • School Event & Activity

  • Student’s classmates & student’s teachers​

Teacher Portal

Teacher portal is a powerful, easy-to-use, secure communication tool connecting teacher, school, student, and parent/guardian.

This tool is to facilitate the teacher tasks and bridges the teacher-parent communication gab.

Teachers can directly send remarks, assignments any other information to students and parents without meetings them in person which makes communication much faster, efficient, and hassle-free.


Through this portal teachers can monitor and perform: 

  • Teacher Schedule

  • Student Courses

  • Student Absence

  • Student Exams

  • Enter exam scores

  • School calendar

Parent Portal

The Parent portal software deals in providing premium quality cloud-based school information management system for flawless communication and collaboration between parents, School, students.

Parent portal is a powerful, easy-to-use, secure communication tool connecting parents/guardians and school.

Parent Portal will allow parents/guardians with more than one child to access all their children at one time with one username and password.

Thru parent portal parents/guardians can keep in touch with children's school by monitoring:

  • Daily attendance status

  • Results

  • fee details

  • Student’s behavior & Activity

  • Get latest news & circulars

  • Upcoming events & activities

ما هو نظام مدرستي؟

 "مدرستى"هو النظام الأحدث والأكثر مرونة لإدارة المؤسسات التعليمية في مصر والعالم العربى، والذى يعتمد على الحوسبة السحابية، مما يمكن مستخدمه من إدارة العديد من المؤسسات من خلال رخصة تشغيل أحادية.

يتكون النظام من أربعة أركان رئيسية، هم الأساس في إدارة أية منشأة تعليمية تتمحور جميعها حول الطالب الذي تدور حوله المنظومة التعليمية برمتها.

الركن الأول -الطالب- والذي يبدأ من خلاله التعامل مع النظام عن طريق التسجيل الرقمي (اونلاين) للاندراج في المؤسسة التعليمية. من ثم تتاح له إمكانية الاطلاع على المحتوى التعليمي والجداول الدراسية وخطة الأنشطة السنوية (رحلات، حفلات، إجتماعات .... الخ).

الركن الثاني، ويتمثل في الادارة التعليمية، والمنوط بها متابعة الطالب من حيث الأداء الدراسي ومدى تحصيله ومشاركته في الأنشطة المختلفة، ويجوز تسميتها بالنظرة الشمولية على حساب الطالب كالادارة المالية، والمعنية بالمصروفات والمدفوعات من جانب الطالب.


الركن الثالث، وهو المعلم أو المدرب، والذي يتوفر له نظرة أكثر دقة وتفصيلا على الطالب و أداؤه في الأنشطة التعليمية المختلفة التابعة للمؤسسة، بالإضافة لمراجعة الواجبات المقدمة من الطالب والتدريبات العملية، وذلك بجانب نسب الحضور و الغياب أيضا.


أخيرا، الركن الرابع، وهو ولي الأمر، والذي يمكنه متابعة أداء ذويه في العملية الدراسية، والفصول المدرج بها، وحالته عامة داخل المنظومة. هذا بجانب تفاصيل أدق كمواعيد وصوله ورحيله من مبنى المؤسسة ومن قام باستلامه بنهاية اليوم الدراسي .. إلخ.


يتميز النظام بالسهولة والبساطة في التطبيق والاستخدام، وييسر الوصول لأية معلومة بداخله من خلال شاشات الاستخدام التي يمكن الاطلاع عليها من خلال العديد من الأجهزة سواء شاشة حاسوب مكتبي، أو لوحي، أو حتى هاتف ذكي بشرط توافر اتصال بشبكة الإنترنت. كما يمكن التعامل مع النظام باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية أو التنقل بينهما حسب رغبة المستخدم.

ومن أهم مميزات النظام قدرته على التعرف على نوع المستخدم مباشرة فور تسجيل الدخول، وبناءً على نوع المستخدم يقوم النظام بعرض الوظائف فقط المصرح لهذا المستخدم باستخدامها. فشاشات الاداري تختلف عن شاشات الطالب وكلاهما مختلف عن شاشات المعلم وتلك التي يستخدمها ولي الأمر.

كما أن السحابة التي يتم عليها استضافة البنية التحتية للنظام تتسم بالمرونة التي تسمح بأن تقام تلك البنية داخل منشأة المؤسسة، أو على سحابة الشركة المؤمنة مع ضمان السرية التامة والأمن الشامل للمعلومات،  أو الخيار الأخير وهو الاستضافة لدى احدى مراكز المعلومات المعتمدة والمؤمنة أيضا، والتي توفر خدمات الحوسبة السحابية.