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Empower your Microsoft 365 environment with Barracuda e-mail protection today!

For IT organizations that need to protect their businesses, brands, and people against the most advanced email-borne threats, Barracuda Email Protection™ is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution that delivers gateway defense, API-based inbox defense, incident response, data protection and compliance capabilities.

Unlike traditional email security vendors, Barracuda offers the most complete, industry-leading prevention, detection, and response capabilities leveraging AI, to enable email protection beyond the gateway.

In a different blog series, we shared 14 social engineering tactics that cybercriminals follow to gain access to sensitive data through manipulating the users. The following video shows how traditional gateway e-mail security solutions might not be enough for protecting the organizations' data from the behavior of an unaware user.

Protection across 365 applications, not limited to e-mail only:

In addition to protecting e-mail communications, Barracuda's solution also offers advanced protection for other Microsoft 365 apps. This includes protection for SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams, which are commonly used for file sharing and collaboration. With Barracuda's solution, businesses can secure sensitive data stored in these apps from external and internal threats. Barracuda's solution provides granular control over access permissions, activity monitoring, and automated threat detection, ensuring that businesses have complete visibility and control over their Microsoft 365 environment. With these advanced features, Barracuda's e-mail protection for Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to secure their cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools.

Identify sensitive info and malicious files in OneDrive and SharePoint:

The quieter the malware, the more dangerous it becomes. But with Barracuda e-mail protection, the 365 cloud is constantly scanned and monitored. With the use of 130+ classifiers and the ability to add custom classifiers as well, and in the case of a positive finding, admins and end-users are alerted to take action. With the right plan, Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive files can also be backed up Cloud-to-Cloud for roll-back and recovery in the case of data tampering or infection.

MHE bundles M365 with barracuda e-mail protection features:

Sign up to get Barracuda's e-mail security trends e-book and get insightful statistical data that will help you decide on a better cybersecurity strategy for 2023 and empower your end-users with further protection and remediation. For a more cost-effective deployment. Consider bundling both your Microsoft and Barracuda's licenses and save your organizations unneeded budget spends.

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