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Save 60% of your datacenter’s physical footprint with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconvergence is the next generation virtualization technology, one of the fastest growing, largely adopted datacenter solution. By deploying it you have fewer points to manage, a much smaller hardware footprint, and room to scale seamlessly as far as your vision.

If you’re starting to have difficulty maintaining multiple systems and their running cost and the complexity in your datacenter increases as you add more systems, then it’s time to consider a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) solution.

What is a Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

HCI solutions are designed to simplify your IT operation. The technology has been grabbing a lot of attention recently, through offering businesses a simple and a highly flexible platform for their centralized data needs. Every healthy professional loves efficiency and simplicity, HCI ticks those boxes from both the operational and financial aspects. A Hyperconverged system is usually a software-defined solution that combines all the elements of a traditional 3 tier data center (Switching, Backup and Computing, in one defined system, usually referred to as a "node".

It is worth noting that Dell technology's offering here, VxRail, occupies the highest shares in the HCI solutions market. While it is usually associated with how strong Dell is as a technology brand, co-developing VxRail with VMWare gives Dell Technologies a major leap in market domination against competing solutions.

The benefits of HCI:

1- Cost-effective & Less hardware

Hyperconvergence brings an affordable economic model to any IT department. Since there is less equipment to purchase, maintain, and support. Moreover, you can stack multiple physical servers on a single node. Besides the saving

When we compared the cost of owing VxRail with the public cloud, we found we could basically buy our hardware with VxRail for what it would have cost us for one year to run the same applications in the public cloud.” U.S FOOD AND BEVERAGE COMPANY

2- Flexibility & Agility

3- Easy management

4- Simplicity & Scalability

Here are the most competitive HCI solutions available in the market today:

1- Dell EMC VxRail:

The Vx-Rail family from Dell EMC provides five different hardware platforms, depending on your current and future needs.

2- Nutanix Acropolis:

3- Cisco Hyperflex:


In short, HCI allows you to be attentive to the business, saves your money, and helps you manage your environment in a revolutionary dynamic. It simplifies your operations and saves time, and it increases your IT team’s efficiency by a significant impact.

Hyperconvergence merges and replace all the elements of a traditional infrastructure stack (3 tier) with turnkey platform and industry standard x86 servers capable of starting small and scaling seamlessly one node at a time, an HCI is a perfect solution for most of today’s dynamic and fast growing teams.

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