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5 reasons why MHE recommends Kaspersky Antivirus Software for resources-light businesses.

Being a vendor agnostic service provider, MHE prefers not to promote a specific product. While this blog post could be mistaken for a promotion, it is not the case, it is merely a recommendation for organizations that are not willing to invest heavily in cybersecurity. Here are a few reasons why MHE recommends Kaspersky Antivirus Software for resources-conscious organizations:

There's a wide array of endpoint protection solutions in the local market (Egypt) today. The investment parity between the solutions can be very confusing to some decision makers, especially those who are not well versed in cybersecurity solutions. Why? Because if you're a decision maker who isn't aware of the most dangerous threats and vulnerabilities, you probably wouldn't care much about keywords like cross-site scripting or server-side forgery requests. And if that's the case, a solution like Kaspersky's Antivirus Software will probably make a lot of sense for your organization.

1. Kaspersky is resources-light:

If the majority of your team uses generic software and doesn't work on something highly specialized or your organization doesn't have a cutting-edge datacenter, you probably only need to protect your teams' devices and folders. Investing heavily in protection solutions doesn't yield you a sensible ROI and you don't wake up thinking about optimizing processing and computing resources. When this is the case, Kaspersky Antivirus Software can be the right choice for your type of organization, because it doesn't hog a lot of resources from the machine it is used on.

2. Kaspersky is gaining a lot of following in Egypt:

While other brands are still leading the local market. MHE has been getting more requests for deploying Kaspersky's Antivirus Software recently. Being a comprehensive solution for Endpoint Security for the amount of investment, most companies that are not and will not invest a considerable amount of resources in more sophisticated Endpoint Security solutions like an EDR/XDR solution find Kaspersky's Antivirus Software a cost-effective go-to software for their limited needs.

3. Cost-effective for your team: a

Kaspersky's Antivirus Software is offered in three variants.. All tiers include mobile device antivirus (Android and iOS) besides protecting Windows, Mac and. In terms of security, which makes it a well-rounded endpoint security solution that will only cost your organization almost as little as a take-out meal per device per month (Kaspersky's Antivirus Basic Plan costs <$20/user/year). These reasons make KAV solution a crowd favorite among Egyptian Customers.

4. Well-rounded protection offering:

With internet-access control, online payment protection, encryption protection and "install and forget" features. Kaspersky's Antivirus Software truly fits small organizations with little to no IT teams. It is not demanding in terms of maintenance or investment. It is not costly in terms of renewal and licensing, and it doesn't require a highly specialized professional to make it work. Everything runs in the background, and you can work smoothly knowing that the real-time antivirus is making sure your teams' devices are well protected.

5. Easy to deploy and run:

As mentioned in the previous point, Kaspersky promises an "install and forget" protection strategy. After purchasing the licenses for your devices, our team will help you install the antivirus software on your teams' devices the first time and from then on you can forget about maintaining and monitoring your Antivirus software. The only time we will need to be in contact again is by the time your renewal is due, which is 11 months after initial deployment. In case of upgrades, the transition is truly simple and takes a few clicks to deploy.

Feel free to speak with MHE's sales team to understand more about our endpoint security solutions if you believe that the previous reasons are not enough for your organization or if you need something a little but more protective.



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