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Welcome to the MHE Blog

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Let's share our thoughts to innovatively solve real industry issues!

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Let us walk you through the categories we're starting with ...


A key track for understanding what you need to protect your organization and your data from. Follow this category if you'd like to stay up to date with the latest security practices, trends and industry updates. Our presales and technical teams work hand in hand with our content creation department to bring you the content that is both relevant and insightful.


Routing, Switching, wireless and last mile connectivity are ever-evolving building blocks of your computing architecture. Managing data routes on the lower layers can get frustrating indeed. But, the silver-lining is that there's always someone working on an easier way. In this section we'll be sharing our findings on interesting and promising experiments, while keeping an eye on what's working best today.


This is the section where we'll be sharing with you the latest reports, big data updates, product reports and technology insights. The reports will be optimized for higher level executives who require vertically deeper, niche reports that will provide them with the succinct information that help with the decision making process.


This is the 101s, the basic corner-stones. Here you'll have the must-know knowledge for every ICT professional at hand. You know those moments when you tell yourself "I know I know, I just can't recall it right now". This is when MHE's fundamentals blog will be waiting for your search query. The second objective of this section will be to help the younger generations, freshers and starters find a rich source of "what is .." and "How does ... work" style posts and articles.

Get to know our editors

Eng. Mohamed Mowafy:

Mohamed graduated Ain Shams University in 2004, department of communication after presenting his group's autonomous camera-drone project, where they hands-on coded the transceivers' communication protocol, ensuring consistent, repeatable and secure communication between the controller and the embedded system. This is when Mohamed found his passion for secure data exchange. With a close eye on the communication industry, and professional tenure in the banking and technology sectors, Mohamed was quick to realize the value he could add to the market. Mohamed drowned himself in resources, knowledge bases, and white-papers until he compiled a knowledge pool that makes him a very sharp solutions architect.

CCNA (Sec) - CCNP (Routing+Switching)

EC Council - CEH

OSCP offensive security

Microsoft Certified System Expert (MCSE)


Eng. Mohamed Mourad

Mourad is one of the most energetic people you'll meet! His sense for support and being there is unmatched. Having graduated MIU with an honors degree in Management Information Systems, Mourad jumped into the ICT domain starting with corporate networking, but his thirst for knowledge helped him expand quickly to virtual and cloud computing. Mourad's security-focused mindset helps him find the right intersections between data and communication, and is very quick to identify what needs to be protected and how. And with an MBA from AAST, he quickly relates to the clients' business jargon, and knows exactly where it falls within his scope, and set attainable actions accordingly.



CCNP (Routing + Switching)

VMWare certified.

Veeam certified.

Barracuda Certified Security Professional

SonicWall Certified Security Professional

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