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Endpoint Detection and Response

MHE trusts SonicWall's Capture Client for Endpoint Protection. The SentinelOne powered solution delivers significant value in the focus environment, allows for completely remote team members' protection and gives your administration deep visibility over your entire endpoint perimeter. As an EDR solution, capture client monitors malicious behavior among the network application and services to stay a step ahead of the threats. 

An active endpoint protection solution that protects against cybersecurity threats

Comprehensive Endpoint visibility and protection


SonicWall Capture Client is a unified client platform that delivers multiple Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) capabilities, including behavior-based malware protection, advanced threat hunting and visibility into application vulnerabilities.

Modern Endpoint Protection

Modern endpoint protection is designed to provide security against the latest threats no matter where the endpoint sits.

Capture Client’s integration with the Capture Security Center creates a single pane of glass across network and endpoint security operations for centralized control of attack visualization, rollback and remediation, network control and remote shell troubleshooting abilities.

Why Choose Capture Client?

The SonicWall Capture Client offers best of breed, next-gen antivirus protection with built-in autonomous EDR. Not only does Capture Client excel in offering effective threat protection, the synergy with the SonicWall platform allows for increased visibility and protection both on and off network. Ensure your security is boundless with Capture Client’s protection and centralized management.


Protects against ransomware, known and unknown malware, memory exploits, and more


See what applications are vulnerable, their severity and why


Restore any data affected by an attack with unique Windows one-click rollback capabilities

Easy-to-use, cloud-based controls for troubleshooting, remediation, license management, and more
Endpoint Detection and Response
as a Managed Service

Get Monitoring, Management and Protection support for your Endpoints where SonicWall Capture Clients is installed.


As an MSSP, MHE's security team enhances your visibility and increases your readiness to mitigate and remediate advanced threats. Your Network Security Admin will have an open line of communication with MHE - Secure First GOLD SonicWall partner. 

A team of SonicWall experts supporting your organization's technology strategy and roadmap

Find adversaries hiding within their environment

Having an effective endpoint protection (EPP) solution is necessary to protect your endpoints and networks from malicious actors. But no security solution can claim 100% protection. Sooner or later, a determined malicious actor will find its way into your organization, and you need the right tool to track and stop them. SonicWall Capture Client’s Threat Hunting capabilities, powered by SentinelOne, will help system admins find adversaries hiding in their network before they can execute an attack or fulfill their goals.

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