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Welcome to MHE!


Our team will help you plan and design,  cutting edge IT architecture founded on the latest proven cybersecurity practices that will enable you to operate securely, seamlessly and efficiently. In minimal time with maximum ROI.

Products & Services

Remote Support and Remediation

Offload your technical team and delegate your technical needs to MHE's team of experts. With our proactive monitoring and remediation tools, your team will no longer suffer operational bottlenecks. We help you focus on growth rather than maintenance

Datafarm Security

Whether physical on-premise, or cloud-based. Our portfolio of tools utilize AI to monitor behaviour rather than signatures. The ability to spot threats and attacks before they take place will heighten your security benchmark by a landslide. You no longer need to invest substantial budgets in hardware equipment.

Endpoint Security

With the human-factor being the weakest link in the cybersecurity value chain, MHE's endpoint solutions will give you the ability to control and govern your users' devices from a single point of management. Control app updates, patches, policies and more, and apply them organization or department-wide with the click of a button.