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M. H. Enterprise is an Egyptian Shareholding Company established in 2007, the Company has been established on a solid technical foundation that's backed up with a strong focus on delivering high quality services and cutting-edge technology.

Being able to combine market leading ICT solutions with consistent high-quality services, our target is to move closer to becoming a "Single-Source" supplier for the customer's Information Technology needs.

To cope with the ever-growing demands of the market, the company has recently shifted from being a product provider to integrating comprehensive solutions based on products from market-leading vendors. We have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in enterprise networks and cloud technology and services.

What Sets Us Apart ?

M. H. Enterprise understands your unique needs for which we can design, install, and help you maintain an affordable secure and reliable network. Our broad range of solutions means we can be your technology partner whatever your networking and communications needs are–today, tomorrow and as you grow.

Our reputation is built on actions not half-truths, thanks to our team of highly qualified professionals.

We listen to customer’s needs, understand them and provide a unique tailor-made solution according to such needs.

To us, each customer is a business partner, that’s why we strive to deliver prompt and proficient after sales service to maintain our reputation.


Our vision is to become one of the leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider with a competitive portfolio of end-to-end solutions in enterprise networks and cloud technology and services.


We’ve taken on a mission to simplify IT solutions, since most of them seem complicated and sophisticated to the extent that they might repel the customers at some occasions. However, simplicity should never compromise functionality. We believe that simplicity is perfection.